Department of Pharmacology with Clinical Pharmacology


 Address: Maydan Voli st. 1, 46001
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The clinical base of the department: therapeutic and orthopedic department, the department of rehabilitation of patients and polyclinic 3 of the Ternopil Urban Municipal Hospital 3


Address: Volynska st., 40, Ternopil, 46027
Tel: (0352) 536136


The Department of Pharmacology was founded in July-August 1957 and was headed by PhD, Prof. M. P. Skakun.

From 1991 to September 2014 the Head of the Department is Doctor of Medicine, Prof. K. A. Posokhova.

From September 2014 to nowadays the Head of the Department is Doctor of Medicine, Prof. O. M. Oleshchuk.


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M.P. Skakun              K.A. Posokhova          .. Oleshchuk


From 1998 to nowadays the head of clinical pharmacology course is Doctor of Medicine, Prof. V. V. Shmanko.





Staff of the Department: 3 Professors, 5 Associate Professors, 5 Assistant Professors, 2 senior laboratory assistants.

At the department works: Doctor of Medicine, Prof. Oleshcuk O.M., Doctor of Medicine, Prof.Posokhova K.A., Doctor of Medicine, Prof. Shmanko V.V.; Associate Professors Moseychuk I.P., Meretskyy V.M., Pyda V.P., Chernyashova V.V., Herasymets I.I.; Assistant Professors Shevchuk O.O., Malanchuk S.L., Volska A.S., Lebedeva T.A., Pinkevych O.Ya; senior laboratory assistants Grishchuk O.L., Lypka L.Yu.



20014 y. Department staff

From left to right: .. Shevchuk, .. Oleshchuk, V.VChernyashova, N.BZozulyak, V.PPyda, K.. Posokhova, I.PMoseychuk, .S. Volska, O.YaPinkevych


Employees of Clinical Pharmacology course.

From left to right: V.M. Meretskyy, V.V. ShmankoL.YuLypkaS. LMalanchuk


In 2012, the department was renovated, material and technical base were upgraded.


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Cabinet of the Head of department of prof. Oleshcuk O.M.

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The modern premises of department

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Classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards and multimedia systems


Educational work of department

At the Department of Pharmacology with Clinical Pharmacology conducted practical classes and lectures to students: medical (III, V courses), pharmaceutical (III, IV, V courses) and dental faculties (II, III courses). Students are studying the following academic disciplines: pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, pharmacogenetics. Practical classes and lectures to nurses-bachelors students and full-time distance learning, nurses, nursing school bachelors of International Institute of Nursing are conducting.


At the lecture of Pharmacology


On all faculties education is carried out in three languages Ukrainian, Russian and English. 7 teachers of department are certified for teaching English, three of them with the highest level certificate, the rest - 2 level. Department staff is constantly working to improve the teaching work, particularly on the introduction of a new system of education in accordance with the "Concept of I. Ya Horbachevsky Ternopil state medical university development (integration in the world medical space)" (Ternopil, Ukrmedknyga, 2006). Training of students provides learning by a system of single working day and practically-oriented training. "Z-System" of teaching involves the simultaneous study of theoretical and practical subjects with the displacement of emphasis from theory to practice.

To ensure a high level of practical training in the educational process of the department elements of practically-oriented training system were included. Students have to solve situational problems that are as close to real situations. In implementing of Z-system positive is approaching students to their future profession.


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During the practical classes on the pharmaceutical faculty


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During the practical classes at the faculty of foreign students


In optimizing and modernizing the educational process using virtual whiteboards and video systems during the workshops and during lectures plays an important role. After equipment of training rooms by virtual whiteboards and video systems with large format monitors department bank videos was created (over 300 titles), which continues to grow and includes videos of all the topics of pharmacology. Each lecture of Pharmacology is illustrated by video.

For a better mastery of practical skills for students lines of practical skills matriculs are used that help to improve the skills of writing prescriptions for different dosage forms required by educational qualification characteristics of graduate.

For the foreign students manual in medical prescriptions is issued. Students of all the Faculties can use another manual ("Dosage forms") issued at the Department. Electronic versions of both books are presented on the Web page of the Department.

 Teachers of the department published 7 books of Pharmacology, 12 tutorials, 3 reference booksw, 7 methodological recommendations, over 80 educational and methodical articles.


Research work


Scientists of the department made a significant contribution to the pharmacology and hepatology, which became the basis for creating your own original direction of sciences - Ukrainian school of pharmacologists-hepatologists. The scientific achievements of department are the study of cholagogue, hepatoprotectors, drugs with antioxidant properties, establishing mechanisms of xenobiotics hepatotoxic action, developing ways to improve phapmacologycal prevention and pharmacotherapy the toxic liver disease, the elucidation of the pathogenesis of hypoxic states of various etiologies and find effective means for correction of violations that occur while establishing the role of nitric oxide system in the pathogenesis of acute and chronic hypoxia, myocardial injury, ischemia-reperfusion injury of the liver, diabetes, acute and chronic toxic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, cholestatic lesions of this organ, multiple organ failure in acute pancreatitis and acute peritonitis, bringing the efficiency of enterosorption at the liver damage by antituberculosis and antiretroviral drugs, including during their combined use, the establishment of the functioning microsomal enzyme system of hepatocytes at the liver damage by xenobiotics, including medical drugs.

Founder of scientific school of pharmacologists-hepatologists was Honored worker of higher school, Prof. M.P. Skakun. He was head of the department in 1957-1991 years. His research interests also included pharmacogenetics and clinical pharmacogenetics, the effect of ethanol on the organism during its embryonic development, pharmacotherapy of emergency states, evidence-based medicine.




Mykola Petrovych Skakun (31.01.1924 y. 29.01.2006 y.) outstanding Ukrainian scientist, Honored worker of higher school, Doctor of Medicine, professor, founder of scientific school of pharmacologists-hepatologists.

 Prof. K.A. Posokhova and prof. O.M. Oleshchuk continue to develop the scientific direction of the department



In the science laboratory of M.P. Skakun Institute of Pharmacology, Hygiene and Medical Biochemistry (Certificate of Ministry of Health of Ukraine about the attestation of measurement laboratory 000474 from 17.12.2007 y.) 

Scientists of the department regularly provide assistance to practical public health, engaging in the study of the properties of new drugs, effects on the body of harmful environmental factors by performing contractual themes. It was made 7 of these studies, including the last 5 years - 4.

The department organizes the II Congress of pharmacologists and 8 scientific conferences. 


Participants of the conference "Safe pharmacotherapy" in the Congress Centre "Red Cranberry" (2008)


Scientific research conducted at the department, summarized in 11 doctoral and 48 master's theses, 13 books, 7 books of Pharmacology, 12 textbooks, 3 reference books, 6 popular science brochures, 7 guidelines, more than 450 journal articles and over 800 other publications . Research findings are introduced to the work of more than 500 hospitals, research laboratories, departments of higher medical educational institutions of Ukraine.


Clinical and consulting work of the clinical pharmacology course


The clinical base of clinical pharmacology course since 1998 is Ternopil urban municipal hospital 3. During 2007 2014 years. Course is headed by prof. Shmanko V.V. Staff of the course - Prof. V.V. Shmanko, doctor of the highest category of therapy, associate. prof. Meretskyy V.M., doctor of the first category of traumatology and orthopaedics, and the second - of therapy, assistant prof. Malanchuk S.L., doctor of the first category of therapy and endoscopy. Courses teacher pay much attention to medical work. Profile of their medical practice is quite wide, particularly conducting reception at polyclinic, advise and supervised patient of therapeutic profile, department of rehabilitation patients and patients of neurological profile, orthopedic department, day care AITD hospitals participate in clinical circumvention, consultation, and clinical pathological conferences, reviewing the stories of diseases.


Analysis of ECG in patients with atrial fibrillation and evaluation of pharmacotherapy.


Clinical circumvention of prof. Shmanko V.V. and associate prof. MeretskyyV..


Conducting of FGDS by assistant Malanchuk S.L. in a patient with suspected development of gastropathy


Regularly performing at the meetings of regional associations (therapists, orthopedists and traumatologists, neurologists, obstetricians, anesthesiologists and emergency physicians. Priority direction was the introduction of research results into practical medicine, which include:

1. Use of the drug "Stresam" in patients with somatopsychic disorders of different genesis.

2. Method of rise of treatment efficiency of the patients with chronic articular syndrome with Moveks

3. Method of improving of treatment efficiency by the drug Pulmolor in patients with respiratory diseases.


National-patriotic education

At the department teachers actively work with students. Students visited Ternopil regional museum, a museum of political prisoners. With the opening of the theater season is reviewing performances in the Ternopil Drama Theater named after T.G. Shevchenko. The new "Ukrainian House" became the highlight of Ternopil where the various exhibitions conduct that are willingly visit by the students.

 : :

At the excursion in Kamenetz-Podilsk

Curators of student groups involve active students to conferences on current topics, including "Drug addiction and substance abuse, fatal consequences, prevention," "Smoking, consequences, prevention", "Self treatment, dangers and how to prevent it."

Educational work is an essential element of the department, which primary goal is to educate the students a sense of patriotism and pride for their homeland and Ukrainian people.

 : :

Meeting 3rd year students with a veteran of the department and university prof. .. Oliynuk


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