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American Nursing School

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about ANS

    Ternopil State Medical University is the first university in Ukraine to develop the American Nursing Program. Today we have American Nursing School where our students are studying according to the American Nursing School curriculum.
    Our American Nursing School is situated in the beautiful corner of the city of Ternopil.

American Nursing School

    For over seven years we have been successfully collaborating with American and European universities in development of our program.

At the Practical Skills Lab

    It is widely known of the severe shortage of nurses both in the United States and in Europe , mostly due to limited number of nursing instructors. Our university, however, has an abundance of educational talent with the ability to prepare foreign students for a career in nursing. The main goal of our Ukrainian-American educational program is to train nurses and provide them with the knowledge needed in order to become professionals in the United States.

Olga Usynska is delivering a lecture at the ANS

OBG class at the ANS

Practical Classes at the ANS

Practical Skills Lab

Practical Skills Lab at the ANS

Studying the nursing manipulations

Work with nursing documentation

Getting acquaited with nursing post at the minimally invasive surgery department

During the class in the lab

Studying the work of densitometer

    The educational programs were designed in accordance with some of the best nursing schools in the United States , and are a result of the long-lasting cooperation between the two countries. TSMU offers a two year program for obtaining an ADN (Associate Degree Nurse) and a two and four year programs for obtaining a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). All the programs provide students with the knowledge and skills to successfully pass the NCLEX examination, which is necessary for a professional nursing career in the United States.

Cafeteria at the ANS

Computer Lab

The lecture at the ANS

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